Our Expert Appraisers for Jewelry, Fine Art, Furniture, Books

Doyle Specialist Rodney Lang

Rodney Lang

Senior Executive Vice President, Furniture & Decorative Arts
212-427-4141, ext 244
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Peter Lang

Peter Lang

SVP/Director, English & Continental Furniture & Decorative Arts
212-427-4141, ext 274
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Malcolm N. MacNeil

Malcolm N. MacNeil

VP/Director, 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts
212-427-4141, ext 218
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Angelo Madrigale

Angelo Madrigale

SVP/Director of Paintings / Director of Contemporary Art
212-427-4141, ext 249
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Hilary Pitts

Hilary Pitts

North Carolina Regional Representative
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Edward Ripley-Duggan

Edward Ripley-Duggan

VP/Director, Rare Books, Autographs & Photographs
212-427-4141, ext 234
[email protected]