Property from a Greenwich Residence

Property from a Greenwich Residence

05/12/2024     General, Old Master Paintings, General Furniture & Decorative Arts

NEW YORK, NY -- A Greenwich Historical Society Landmarked Home, the Lillie Hoeninghaus House stands as a testament to both grandeur and history. The property this home sits on was purchased in 1905 as a wedding gift for Lillie Sanford Procter Hoeinghaus, granddaughter of Procter & Gamble's co-founder, and her husband Fritz Hoeninghaus. The Hoeninghaus’ built their home in 1905 and she lived in it until 1929—nine years after their divorce. This residence has witnessed the evolution of design sensibilities. Throughout its storied past, the home has welcomed six families, each adding their own chapter to its narrative.

In the early 1990s, the current owners enlisted the expertise of acclaimed designer Dennis Rolland to breathe new life into the estate. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mark Hampton, Rolland's meticulous craftsmanship on the first floor seamlessly fused classical elegance with contemporary allure. His avant-garde approach not only preserved the home's integrity but also elevated its essence, creating spaces that exude sophistication and embody the epitome of luxury and entertainment.

A decade later, architect David Schott Parker undertook the task of tailoring the second story to suit the owners' lifestyle while paying homage to the home's rich heritage. Enter Lorraine Letendre, a luminary in the world of design with an illustrious portfolio that includes collaborations with fashion icons Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. Letendre's innate sense of detail and mastery of color transformed every room into a harmonious symphony of warmth and personality.

The evolution of the home continued with the introduction of Alexa Hampton's refined aesthetic. With an impeccable eye for proportion and an intrinsic ability to merge comfort with luxury, Hampton's design approach seamlessly transitioned the space from formal elegance to relaxed sophistication. And finally, Ken Fulk, renowned for his daring and eclectic style, added whimsical touches that imbued the home with a sense of wonder and delight, ensuring that every corner told a story and sparked joy.

Together, these visionary designers wove a tapestry of beauty, innovation, and creativity that transcended time, leaving an enduring legacy that inspired and enchanted all who entered the home. We are privileged to present this Property from a Greenwich Residence at Doyle, inviting you to experience the pinnacle of design excellence firsthand.

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