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Asian Works of Art

Experience the enchanting world of Asian Works of Art and the treasures of centuries-old traditions.

Our highly anticipated semiannual Asian Works of Art auctions are meticulously curated to showcase the remarkable artistic heritage of China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Spanning from the ancient Neolithic Period to the masterpieces of the 20th century, these auctions offer an extraordinary array of important porcelains, pottery, jade, scholar’s objects, bronzes, screens, furniture and paintings from prominent collections and estates.

Taking place in September and March, coinciding with the renowned Asia Week in New York, an annual celebration of Asian art, our auctions attract discerning collectors, curators, scholars, and enthusiasts of Asian art. Exclusive exhibitions and special events unfold during Asia Week, infusing the city with the beauty and cultural significance of Asian art. For further information on Asia Week New York, we invite you to explore AsiaWeekNY.com or visit the Chinese language site at cn.asiaweekny.com.

By entrusting your Asian works of art to Doyle, you join a legacy of esteemed collectors and patrons who have relied on us to elevate their treasured pieces to a global stage. Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge in the nuances of Asian art, ensuring that your artworks receive the attention, recognition, and value they deserve.


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Richard Cervantes

Senior Vice President / Director of Asian Works of Art


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