NFTs at Doyle

NFTs at Doyle


I recently packed up two houses: a pink saltbox and a large white shingle-style home with wrap around porch. A major move by most standards, except it was done at 1/12th scale. The contents of both houses, wrapped carefully in tissue and paper towels fit neatly in four large plastic tubs. As a child, I was an avid dollhouse collector. I saved my allowance for new purchases from Dollhouse Antics on my two-block walk home from school or special trips to dollhouse fairs and stores. My collecting crossed the pond to secure my most prized items: a replica of the carriage from Queen Mary’s dollhouse, a very detailed wedding trousseau in a trunk, and a similarly exquisite violin in a fitted case. My subscriptions to Nutshell News and Miniature Showcase supplied hours of inspiration. While my parents filled our homes with their full-size fancies, my pockets were stuffed with Matchbox cars and Garbage Pail Kids.

I cherished being able to take my collections with me. At the same time, I was too big to fully experience them. This miniature universe that I created for myself did not captivate my four teenage daughters in the same way it held me enraptured. Their world is digital and experiential. It can be accessed through a tiny portal—their phones—but its size is not only infinite, it is continually expanding.

The future of collecting is also limitless and it will marry the tangible, the digital, and the experiential. We will hold our treasures in our hands, hang them on our walls and take them with us. We will create our own worlds and be able to immerse ourselves in them.

This Fall we are pleased to introduce NFTs on a limited basis for selected marquee lots. They will be available at the request of the seller or on-demand by the buyer on designated lots. As your trusted auction partner, we hope to provide access to this new technology so that you may enjoy your collection at home and in the metaverse. We are here for you at every stage of your collecting journey.


Laura Doyle