A Conversation with Miles Redd & David Kaihoi

Miles Redd and David Kaihoi with Laura Doyle

NEW YORK, NY -- One of today's hottest designers, Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. He and partner David Kaihoi's aesthetic vision is characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures.

The next edition of Doyle's popular Special Collections sale category is the auction of stylish furniture, decorations and art from An Apartment Decorated by Miles Redd on Thursday, July 15, 2021. This acclaimed apartment has been widely published, appearing in Harper's Bazaar and twice gracing the cover of House Beautiful, as well as Carl Dellatore's Interior Design Master Class and Miles Redd’s The Big Book of Chic.

Ahead of the sale, CEO Laura Doyle speaks with Miles Redd and David Kaihoi of the acclaimed design firm Redd Kaihoi about their design philosophy, post-quarantine trends, and the one type of object they never pass up.

Laura DoyleWe are huge fans of Redd Kaihoi at Doyle. Your layered use of color, pattern, art, and of course, antiques creates beautiful, livable homes. The way you mix textures and patinas, contrasting old and new, gives your clients timeless spaces that are at once modern and traditional. How do you start a project? A color, a room, a mood, an object?

Redd Kaihoi – We usually start with a fantasy of the kind of life we would want to live in the house. Is it fresh and airy? Is it rich and glittering? Usually, the house or the person will immediately telegraph what needs to happen!
LDAre you seeing any new post-quarantine trends or requests?  

RK – We see lots of shifts, mostly of finding and doing what you always wanted to do – which a wonderful outlook for this moment in time. It is good to let go of old ideals.
LD Is there anything design-wise you want to see more of or less of? Colors, trends or otherwise?

RK – We love all design, we really do – and there is so much wonderful talent out there showing unique and interesting perspectives. We just like to see people listen to their internal voices because that is when you really get something interesting and unique.
LD – Do you ever buy things without a project in mind? Is there anything you never pass up when you see it? (I'm guessing busts and pedestals.)

RK – We do love a good bust, and we really try to place things as we buy because it so much more satisfying to know it is going to a good home; however, once in a blue moon something comes a long that is just hard to pass up. If you ever see an immense pair of 18th century blue and silver Venetian mirrors, do give us a call.
LDHow do you incorporate art into an interior whether buying it for the client, working with an existing collection, or an advisor?

RK – Buy what speaks directly to your heart, and there is always a place for it!

LDJust for fun...What do you collect?

RK – For David: light, air and space; for Miles: Mirrors

LDWho is your fantasy client – real or fictional?

RK – Truthfully, all of our clients have turned into fantasy clients because they trust us and we have so much fun. But we know a boring answer when we hear one, so we will say we think we would have a lot of fun with Wes Anderson, and certainly learn a lot.

LDDoes your company have a mascot or motto?


LDWhat word or phrase is used most in your office?  

RK – "Perfect" (but we really believe there is perfection in imperfection)

Special Collections: An Apartment Decorated by Miles Redd

Join us for Special Collections: An Apartment Decorated by Miles Redd on Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 10am. The upcoming auction offers an exciting opportunity to acquire furnishings and art that Miles Redd incorporated into the interior design of a luxury apartment in Manhattan's West Village.

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