Best Wishes from Our Family to Yours

Paddle Illustration

We believe Doyle is not just a family business, it is a business and a family. Trust is essential to everything we do, and we have always prized confidentiality for both our buyers and sellers. In other words, we keep it in the family.  

One of the privileges of being a regular and early client of Doyle was the gift of being waved in at registration—early facial recognition—and identified by your numerical alter ego. Last week we laid to rest permanent paddle 67, held for almost 60 years by one of our very first clients from our earliest auctions in East Hampton. She was an intelligent collector, a formidable opponent in a bidding war and we will miss her very much. We also have many fond memories of paddle 42 sitting in the back of the auction with his genteel partner amassing collections of blue and white and black lacquer for their shop. We remember the closely guarded list of bids for paddle 92 that could foretell the success of a sale, particularly in competition with paddle 1, the sibling-like rivalry between 6 and 48 and the inevitable appearance by 36, just in time, for the silver section.  

As a client of Doyle, we welcome you into the fold. We hold dear your stories and are grateful to be present for many of life’s biggest moments to celebrate the milestones and honor your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you to our offices in New York, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and Washington DC in 2022. Together with our advisors in North Carolina, Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Long Island and Chicago, we thank you for inviting us into your homes across the country.  

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and thank you for being a part of our family.

Laura Doyle