Our Expert Appraisers for Jewelry, Fine Art, Furniture, Books

Doyle Specialist Edward Ripley-Duggan

Edward Ripley-Duggan

VP/Director, Rare Books, Autographs & Photographs
212-427-4141, ext 234
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Norman R. Scrivener

Norman R. Scrivener

Consultant Appraiser, Coins, Bank Notes & Stamps
212-427-4141, ext 273
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Todd Sell

Todd Sell

Senior Vice President / Appraiser, Silver, Furniture & Decorations
212-427-4141, ext 269
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Shani Toledano

Shani Toledano

Vice President / Associate Director of Paintings / Director of Modern & Post-War Art
212-427-4141, ext 236
[email protected]

Doyle Specialist Mark M. Topalian

Mark M. Topalian

Consultant Appraiser, Rugs, Carpets & Tapestries
212-427-4141, ext 244
[email protected]