Remembering Dottie Frank

Remembering Dottie Frank

I don’t know where my mother's obsession with weather came from. I don’t know if it was because she was a southerner that she was so impressed with snow, or if it was because she was an islander, and knew the forces of nature intimately. Whatever the case, she was a hurricane herself. One of the most talented, generous, loyal, hilarious, smart, and genuine people that I, or many of her fans, family, and friends knew.

Most people know her from her heart-warming novels about the Lowcountry of South Carolina and the incredible cast of characters that she invented, but for those who knew her personally, we knew that she was the best character of all. I was lucky enough to be her daughter and best friend, we even got to write a book together, but the best gift she gave me was herself. Having the privilege of being at her apron strings, gave me the opportunity to learn first hand the power of self confidence, hard work, and a dream.

My mother started her writing career at the age of forty-eight. She was inspired to share her story after the biggest heartbreak of her life, the death of her mother. She knew that her story might help heal the hearts of many, and also to do it with laughter, her sharpest tool in her tool box. My mother would always tell me that you can say anything but to focus on the delivery. She decided to write a novel, which wound up selling over two million copies, and hitting the best sellers list the week it was released, something that would happen for each of her novels, without any formal training or degree. She just made it happen. My mother would set a goal and reach it. She loved to prove everyone wrong while wowing the rest of us.

She was never afraid to dress up. Known for her gorgeous jewels, sparkly blue eyes and signature red lipstick, life was always a celebration for her. She was a fabulous entertainer - absolutely nobody threw a party like Dot Frank. Holidays were nothing short of spectacular in our household, and that goes for birthdays too. I remember during my fourth birthday where she got on her hands and knees to sponge paint a yellow brick road on mural paper throughout our house, and hot glued gunned red sequins onto my Mary Janes. She loved to thrill us, and show us that magic was possible. One Christmas, she took all of my Barbie dolls, made them all wings out of tin foil, and suspended them from the ceiling using fishing wire to make them look like they were dressing the tree. She made sure, that we had an unbelievable childhood. She made us believe that anything was truly possible.

Much like the pieces you will see here in this collection, you will know that they directly reflect who she was. Strong, beautiful, and classic…just like a hurricane.

-- Victoria Frank

The Collection of Dorothea Benton Frank

Doyle is honored to auction the Collection of Dorothea Benton Frank on September 16, 2020. This landmark auction will feature artwork, furniture and memorabilia from her Montclair home decorated by New York designer Thomas Britt. Read More

Additional property from the Collection will be offered in the auctions of Jewelry on Sept 16, Important Paintings on Sept 17, Fine Jewelry on Sept 23, Fine Literature on Sept 30, and English & Continental Furniture & Decorative Arts on Oct 28.