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The Silver Sale at Hayloft DC

WASHINGTON, DC -- What can I say? I LOVE SILVER! The Silver Sale at Hayloft DC is a wonderful opportunity to acquire some lovely pieces by beginning collectors, seasoned collectors, dealers, or just anyone who enjoys living with finer things.

A lot of today's designers are mixing and matching tablewares, not only porcelain and glassware, but flatware as well. Interesting fact -- this is not a new idea. In the early 19th century and before, complete matched sets were not common. Most people used what they were fortunate enough to own, and it didn't often match. These days, with so many choices, it's hard to commit to just one pattern of anything. I love the idea of a table set with mismatched things. The current auction offers numerous lots of partial flatware sets that can be put together for a very eclectic and interesting table.

And why save silver for only a special day? With most lots having the starting bid at the commodity value of the metal, it makes sense to have silver on your table every day. That's just what I do at home. My kitchen drawer is full of mismatched sterling flatware that gets pulled out for every meal.

Another thing people are doing today is re-purposing pieces when they have become less frequently used for their original purpose. The set of twelve heart-shaped sterling salts (lot 16) filled with tiny mints would make excellent individual table toppers a bridal shower, or massed together on a single table for a more impressive display of tiny sweets. Combine them with some of the tiny tongs (lot 60) once used for sugar cubes and you've got the "something old" theme covered.

The Gorham crumber (lot 64) would be an excellent serving piece for cake, particularly a sheet cake. And with so many people serving buffet style today, an assortment of elegant serving forks, spoons and ladles is always good to have on hand. These make excellent wedding and anniversary gifts too (lots 7, 8, 14, 22, 23, 24, 30, 47, 63. 87, 90, 98, 123). Silver has historically been a traditional gift for a bride, and with Bridal Season around the corner, there are numerous gift items to be found.

For those who don't entertain at home, they'll at least have someone over for coffee from time to time. How impressive (and fun) would it be to bring out antique sterling demitasse spoons -- either a matched set or random mismatched mix (lots 4, 26, 52, 53, 84, 91).

At the end of the day, if you ever grow tired of your silver, it always maintains at least the intrinsic value of the metal and is easily sold. Going modern with your décor? Sell your Edwardian tea service for a mid-century cocktail shaker. Martinis, anyone?

The Silver Sale at Hayloft DC

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Current auction closes on Sunday, March 4 at 7pm

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