Shopping at Hayloft!

Shopping at Hayloft!

NEW YORK, NY -- The sale at Hayloft Auctions this week is full of fascinating treasures, among them old toys, a tantalus disguised as a stack of books (which also doubles as a music box – lot 316), and a phrenology head made of porcelain (lot 141). On my first online walk through the sale, I stopped many times to take a closer look at objects of intrigue; ones I decided would not work in a small apartment like mine but would certainly make phenomenal objects of décor on a bookshelf in someone else’s home (the phrenology head being a prime example).

My favorite objects in this sale are pieces of furniture. The Chippendale style mahogany armchair – lot 5 – would, I think, look handsome in any living room. I like the Stanley Furniture Co. black painted chest – lot 33; a handy, unobtrusive piece for really any room, and one that wouldn’t be too difficult to paint were that a desire (although I sort of like the black). I also like the pair of faux bamboo red lacquered side tables in lot 35. While not my usual style, the Tulip chairs – lot 65 – also caught my eye. I feel that they just might work in my living room! Lastly, my very favorite piece of furniture in the sale is the Queen Anne style red painted center table, lot 365. I think it would add such a sense of fun to any room – both the shape and color are vibrant.

There are two sets of prints in the sale that I think are worth noting (along with a lot of fun paintings worth scoping out!). First, lot 258 is a set of fashion prints – I always love these because I feel like there is always more to see as you look closer, and they could be hung in truly any room. They are not attention-grabbing, but they can command one’s attention if one decides to look their way! Likewise for the set of five botanical prints – lot 366. I think these are especially fun to hang in a kitchen or a living room where live plants are present.

There are a few great mirrors in the sale. My favorite is lot 338, the Georgian style giltwood oval mirror. It is large, round, and golden. Lastly, there are two objects in the sale that caught my eye. First, though most people I know don’t use these, I love the two Hermes porcelain ashtrays in lot 118. They are beautiful to look at, even unused. Lastly, the telescope – lot 189. I think that if one has a telescope set up by the window in one’s home (even if you never actually look through it!), it can add such a sense of wonder to a space.

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