Shopping at Hayloft!

NEW YORK, NY -- I have been working on a number of projects of late. And it is fun, and it is a little crazy. Mostly, it reminds me that I am not the type of person who really loves to do the same type of thing every day of the week. Rather, I enjoy running from upper Manhattan to the Bowery and to other boroughs throughout the week, and feeling lucky that I am getting paid to do the creative work that I enjoy. It is certainly an eclectic array of projects: combing through the sales at Hayloft for interesting finds, creating content for a nonprofit in the arts world, and others. Each speaks to a different interest of mine – art, femininity, design, food, some others. I am so happy that I have found this hectic means of balancing out my life.

Hayloft speaks to me because of its eclecticism, and this sale in particular certainly spoke to me of that trait. While browsing the sale, I found myself gravitating towards all kinds of things: pieces of art, old vessels, books, pieces of furniture… As usual, I gathered my favorites in a list to share with you:

I’ll start with furniture. I love lot 1, the mother-of pearl inlaid armoire. I think it is a wonderful accent piece. Next, of course (because I love all trunks, if you haven’t read my writing before), I was sucked in by the captain’s cedar storage trunk (lot 11) – the starting bid is only $25, and it is so cool! I think the elephant-form side table is so fun (lot 89); we did a photoshoot with it at Hayloft a while back, and I must say that it is quite photogenic. The Chinese red-painted altar table (lot 361) is the perfect piece to fit into any narrow New York apartment space, and I love the red color. The gunpowder glazed pottery planter, lastly (though not quite furniture), is such a fun piece – the dark grey color is beautiful (lot 295).

I love the mix of objects and artwork in this sale. First, the collection of hand blown Art Glass vases in the sale is lovely: I have seen it in person (lot 46). There are some beautiful iridescent numbers in there. I think the etchings by G. A. Bradshaw and G. A. Platt are beautiful (lot 230), and the contemporary drawing in lot 283 is also an interesting piece that I would love to hang up in my apartment. I found myself smiling at Jean-Pierre Alaux’s Basket of Citrus Fruit (lot 296) as well; it is a strange portrait, but also one I would love to have – it is more interesting than the average depiction of a person. The last items that I eyed in the sale were the lots of art books: I love collecting books about various artists, and Hayloft is FULL of great ones. So keep your eyes out for lots like these if you, like me, are trying to build your library (lot 227 and lot 423).

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