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Gorham Loving Cup

NEW YORK, NY -- In the banquet hall at Kinsley's restaurant in Chicago on October 20, 1892, the Fellowship Club hosted a dinner pronounced as one of the most remarkable dinners at that time. One hundred fifty esteemed guests attended in honor of the 1891 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Guests included Vice President Levi P. Morton and former President Rutherford B. Hayes, as well as high officials from most states and several exhibiting countries.

The room was decorated with flowers and a miniature reproduction of the Administration building from the 1891 World's Fair, complete with lagoon and foliage. The evening consisted of speeches, entertainment, dinner, and the passing of the loving cup. To announce dinner, the chef rang a large dinner bell. In front of the president of the Club, James W. Scott, hung a large wishbone in burnished metal, from which also suspended the dinner bell. Underneath the bell sat the silver loving cup, which was presented to the Club by Edward Holbrook of Chicago.

Club President Scott introduced the guests as the loving cup was passed around. As dinner progressed and stories were told, drinking songs were sung. During the venison course, the Imperial Quartet sang a hunting song and four men dressed in hunting garb paraded a deer around the room. The Club's insignia was a wishbone and dinner bell, which is represented on the cup.

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Gorham Sterling Silver Three-Handled Loving Cup and Stand, 1892
The ovoid body with loop handles applied with wishbone and engraved "Presented to the Fellowship Club by Edward Holbrook October 20th 1892" and "Notable Events Oct. 20 1892 Columbian dedication ... Present: Members of the Cabinet, Vice President Morton, The Diplomatic Corps, The Chief Justice and Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, the General of the Army, Ex-President Hayes, Governors of the Twenty-Nine States, Foreign Commissioners to the World Columbian Exposition and Seventy-Five Others" on ring stand raised on three crossed wishbone supports.
Height 9 1/2 inches, total approximately 52 ounces.
See The Inter Ocean, Vol. 21, No. 202, October 21, 1892, p. 1 for an illustration of the cup, banquet and discussion of the events.
The Estate of Edwin P. McLaury
Thence by descent
Estimate: $3,000-5,000
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