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NEW YORK, NY -- This month’s sale at Hayloft Auctions feels like a treasure hunt. As I scrolled through the lots for the first time looking to find my favorite pieces, colorful joys kept leaping out to surprise me when I least expected them. Not only does this sale boast on old cash register (lot 453) that I would LOVE to see someone find a stylish and playful way of incorporating, but it is also host to numerous pieces of awesome Mid-Century Modern furniture (lot 73 & lot 74 – two examples), at another end of Hayloft’s delightful spectrum.

There are two pieces of art in this sale that I just love. The first is lot 25: “Man of Peace.” I think this would be brilliant in any room. Next, the little etching that makes up lot 182, and whose starting bid is a mere $10! Buying art for $10 – this is why I love Hayloft. And I think this tiny etching is quite endearing.

The miscellaneous object category is my favorite this month. The first thing that caught my eye during my scroll-through was lot 92: the old wine carafes. Just the other day, I was at a bar in Alphabet City where they had hung these from the ceiling with leather in a very artistic way – so just note that that is a possibility with this lot. The Chinese Famille Verte tulip vase (lot 100) is a funky and beautiful object, and I would describe the pair of Victorian brass lights in lot 250 just the same way (they are also pink, a favorite color of mine). The pair of faux malachite lamps in lot 146 are also beautiful and totally out of the ordinary – the kind of lamps that would bring an entire room together, if you let them have the limelight. In smaller objects, the group of Asian and other pottery articles in lot 421 makes up a lovely and impressive assortment, and I love the onyx sphere on stand (lot 396). If you’re one of those people (like me…) who believes in the power of crystals, onyx has all kinds of healing and energy-elevating powers (and this is an enormous hunk of onyx, so just imagine…).

My favorite piece of furniture in the sale is probably no one else’s, but I love the simplicity of it: lot 456, the studio furniture walnut console. Simple, with a nice shape and color to it. There are also a lot of great carpets in the sale.

Lastly, check out lot 446 – a book of old letters and telegrams to read through. Those are my favorite things to spend time looking at whenever I make a trip up to Hayloft Auctions.

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