Hayloft Auctions BX & DC

Hayloft Auctions BX and DC!

Double the treasures! Double the convenience!

With back-to-back auctions this week at Hayloft Auctions/Bronx and Hayloft Auctions/DC Metro, savvy shoppers, decorators and DIYers have two opportunities to buy stylish furniture, décor and art online at HayloftAuctions.com.

Hayloft Auctions/Bronx and now, Hayloft Auctions/DC Metro!  Who knows what you’ll find?

Hayloft Auctions/Bronx

The current auction is now open. Bidding closes on Sun, Jan 20 at 7pm.

View Lots & Place Bids at HayloftAuctions.com

Hayloft Auctions/DC Metro

The auction opens for bidding on Sun, Jan 20. Bidding closes on Wed, Jan 23 at 7pm.

View Lots & Place Bids at HayloftAuctions.com

We Buy Estates and Collections!

Hayloft Auctions is pleased to purchase estates and collections large and small. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary proposal!
New York Metro Area: Call 929-303-3266 or email [email protected]
Washington, DC Metro Area: Call 202-342-6100 or 301-348-5282 or email [email protected]

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Director, Hayloft Auctions
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