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Image for story - Two Views of Venus

Two Views of Venus

Elaine Stainton discusses two images of the ancient goddess of love -- one embodying deeply-felt passion and tragic loss, the other motherly love, generosity and humor.
Image for story - The Father of Couture

The Father of Couture

Elaine Stainton profiles the legendary couturier Charles Frederick Worth, who dominated French dressmaking in the late 19th century, and examines an 1893 portrait to be offered on June 3.

Allegories from Antwerp

Elaine Stainton examines two fascinating allegorical paintings created in Antwerp during the 16th and 17th centuries to be offered in the June 3 auction.
Image for story - Delacroix


Elaine Stainton examines an early portrait in the October 31 Old Master Paintings auction by Eugène Delacroix, who is the subject of a major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Image for story - The River Thames

The River Thames

Elaine Stainton examines three 18th century views of the Thames and discusses the influence that Venetian artist Canaletto's residency in London had on English depictions of the great river.
Jacques Stella

A Work by Jacques Stella: Master of Oil on Stone

Jacques Stella (1596-1657) became famous for his diminutive oil paintings executed on stone. Specialist Elaine Stainton profiles the French artist and his exquisite work that attracted the patronage of Cosimo de’ Medici, Pope Urban VIII and Louis XIII of France.
Paul Kleinschmidt, Paar in der Loge

German Expressionism & the “New Objectivity”

Taking root at the turn of the 20th century, German Expressionism rejected the traditional goal of depicting reality in favor of portraying deeper psychological complexities and political truths. Artists often utilized bold color, texture and abstraction to incite an emotional response from their viewers, thus tapping into the volatility that defined German society through the Weimar era. Director of Paintings Elaine Stainton provides insights into this influential philosophy and its leading artists.