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Jacqueline Roque: The Artist, The Muse

NEW YORK, NY -- Jacqueline Roque could not have expected to be promoted from studio assistant to muse. Nonetheless, after meeting Pablo Picasso at Atelier Madoura in 1953 the artist began to court the young divorcée. He painted a white dove on her home and brought her a rose everyday until she agreed to date him. Jacqueline and Picasso were married March 2, 1961 and she became his muse and model for over seventeen years.

Jacqueline was first married to André Hutin in 1946, and they had a daughter named Catherine. They moved to Africa where they lived for several years before separating. Jacqueline and Catherine moved back to France where Jacqueline was employed as an assistant at Atelier Madoura, owned by Suzanne and Georges Ramié, in Vallauris.

Featured in the April 30, 2019 Prints and Multiples sale is PROFIL DE JACQUELINE (lot 152), conceived in 1956 and executed after 1967, with the stamped signature of Picasso, and numbered 8/20. These medallions were not originally meant to be sold until Picasso gave his permission for small editions to be made, making the creations intimate and personal. Jacqueline is depicted on this medallion with an elongated neck, downcast eyes framed with a distinctive brow, and strong angular cheekbones. Her profile became a familiar symbol in his artwork, appearing in his paintings as early as 1954.

The medallions were made by French goldsmith François Hugo. Hugo was originally hired to cast a series of plates and dishes after Picasso’s original designs. Like the medallions, these plates were not originally meant for production. Instead they were for Picasso, who intended to keep them private and only show them to a few friends. When Picasso allowed Hugo to produce the medallions in 1967, they were created in small editions only available to friends and connoisseurs. Compared to the Jacqueline Profile red and white earthenware ceramic plates (Alain Ramié 308, 309, 457 and Lot 154) produced in 1956 in editions ranging from 100 to 500, these medallions would only be available in small edition sizes of twenty.

As Picasso neared the end of his life he began to seclude himself from his family, and many saw his behavior influenced by Jacqueline. Picasso and Jacqueline were together the last twenty years of his life, in which he produced more than 400 images of her, including many ceramics. While their relationship was tumultuous, including separations and reconciliations, the muse remained devoted to the artist. Jacqueline’s adoration was reciprocated by Picasso, and the time they were together became one of the most productive periods of his artistic career.

Prints & Multiples

Auction Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 10am
Exhibition April 27 - 29

Lot 152
Pablo Picasso
23 kt. gold medallion, conceived in 1956 and executed after 1967, with stamped signature, number 8/20, François and Pierre Hugo hallmark and reference number 1412 and French assay mark on the reverse, with original fitted wood presentation box.
2 x 2 1/16 inches; 51 x 52 mm.
Jane Kahan Gallery, New York
Acquired by the present owner from the above in 1989
Est. $15,000-25,000
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Lot 154
Pablo Picasso
Painted and partially glazed white ceramic plaque, 1956, from the edition of 500, with the Madoura Plein Feu and Empreinte Originale de Picasso pottery stamps on the reverse.
7 3/8 x 7 1/2 inches; 187 x 191 mm.
Est. $5,000-8,000
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