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WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Regular visitors to the Kofski Antiques Estate Sale in Palm Beach know to be in line early the Saturday of this monthly event. When the doors open at 9am (and never a moment sooner), collectors, decorators and dealers alike enter a wonderland of unique antique and vintage finds. Doyle is delighted to partner with Kofski Antiques to hold their first ever Estate Sale Online on Saturday, May 2 on Doyle's new Buy-it-Now Platform,

Doyle's Director of Florida Operations Collin Albertsson spoke with owners Chris and Melanie Hill ahead of the upcoming Kofski Estate Sale. We invite you to read more about the fascinating history of one of Palm Beach's must-visit shopping destinations.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Kofski Antiques?

Kofski's was founded in 1939 by Laura Kofski and was located on Via Parigi in Palm Beach. In the 1970s, her son Gordon took over and moved the shop to Brazilian Avenue. In addition to their storefront, they held on-site Estate Sales at some of Palm Beach's grandest homes, including the Woolworth Estate and the Dodge Estate. Some of these great houses were in various states of disrepair and many were demolished. Incredible art came out of those houses - paintings, garden statuary, silver, furniture, Faberge. It was an incredible time.

How did your popular warehouse sales begin?

We bought Kofski's in 1985 and continued holding on-site estate sales until the town of Palm Beach prohibited them. We then started holding sales in our West Palm Beach warehouse every 6 weeks in season. It's a first-come, first-serve sale. Doors open at 9am and there are no sneak peeks. Slowly, word got out and a small line would start around 8am. Pretty soon people were lining up earlier and earlier! Now we have a few regulars who show up at 6am. Our motto is "You never know what you'll find, be in line by nine!" - it's even on the front of our building.

What will we see this Saturday?

Hopefully, we'll see our regular clients participating in this new sale format. And we're thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to Doyle's clients.

Do you have any favorite items in the sale?

Melanie: I really love garden ornament and there are two orchid stands and a pair of blue wrought iron garden benches that are wonderful. They came out of an estate in Coral Gables.

Chris: I'm intrigued by the collection of Buccellati ceramics. You don't see them on the market very often. I also really like the sterling silver James Robinson plates. They are excellent quality and weight.

Kofski Antiques Estate Sale on Doyle at Home

Join the excitement on Saturday, May 2 on -- with treasures sourced from South Florida's grandest homes, you never know what you'll find, be online by nine!


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