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Currier & Ives: Visions of America

NEW YORK, NY -- The New York lithographers Currier & Ives were the leading publishers of the 19th century. Established by Nathaniel Currier in 1835 and expanded to include James Merritt Ives in 1857, the firm went on to produce over 7,500 prints over the next 50 years. The prints created by Currier & Ives depict iconic themes such as farm life, the home, children, sports and leisure, and historical events that are uniquely American. The firm employed several artists to make their prints come to life, including Louis Maurer, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, George Henry Durrie, Charles Parsons, and Frances Flora Palmer. Of these artists, Frances Flora Palmer, who frequently went by the name Fanny, would become the most notable.

As did many in the 19th century, Frances Fanny Palmer immigrated to New York from England. Once settled in Manhattan, Fanny and her husband, Edmund Seymour Palmer, operated a small print shop for several years. Fanny began working with Nathaniel Currier after closing her family business around 1849. Their collaboration thrived for almost 25 years and resulted in the creation of over 200 prints, impressions of which continue to educate and delight since they first adorned the walls of American homes almost two centuries ago.

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