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NEW YORK, NY -- The next Doyle At Home sale happens this coming Wednesday, and it promises many exciting finds. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of previewing the saleroom with a few of the specialists involved in gathering its wares. After scoping out the sale on my own for a while, imagining each of the pieces in my own tiny apartment, I looked at the paintings, specifically, with Bill Fiddler and Shani Toledano, and then looked at the smaller objects and glass more closely with Malcolm MacNeil and Mark Moehrke, the team of specialists who catalogued the auction.

From Bill and Shani, I learned about Clara Davidson, an American Impressionist whose work, Shani believes, is greatly undervalued in today’s auction market. The piece of Davidson’s in the Doyle at Home sale, Churchyard (Lot 35), depicts a lovely fall scene of people walking to a New England church, bundled in coats. Another favorite of Shani’s is Reginald Marsh’s portrayal of Coney Island in a sort of Rubenesque, Old Master style (Lot 71). Bill pointed out a work in the sale by Isaac Pailes (Lot 74), a colorful, impressionistic rendering of the Seine. Pailes, Bill mentioned, was a School of Paris artist who shared a studio with Emmanuel Mane-Katz in Paris while he studied art.

Malcolm taught me about some of the decorative glass in the sale. Glass is something I know little about, so I found our quick tour quite fascinating. One piece I had hardly noticed upon my initial walk around the room quickly became one of my favorites: the Puffy Lamp (Lot 326). Yes, this is the official name. Produced by Pairpoint Manufacturing Co, which, Malcolm told me, was in existence until a decade or so ago, these lamps have always been popular among collectors. Reverse painted, they produce beautiful atmospheric light (as the lot photograph only begins to hint). This lamp, upon first glance, seemed to me old-fashioned. But I reconsidered: well-placed, I think it could look incredible.

Now, onto some of my random favorites. There are some really cool leather trunks in this sale, which I think are the perfect decorative item because they also provide extra storage (always necessary in New York): Lot 480 is a pair of beautifully painted red trunks, and lot 275 is a mounted black leather trunk. Both, I think, are stylish, though the red I like particularly. There are some beautiful chairs in the sale, if you’re looking (Lot 417 and Lot 424). There is a pair of beautiful cast-iron dogs, if you’re feeling lonely but can’t quite commit to the real thing (Lot 118). And there are two Chinese style hall lanterns – blue and red (Lot 391 and Lot 393) – that I think are so much fun. A few more of my picks are included in the slide show above.

-- Olivia Andrews Dillingham


Doyle at Home

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