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NEW YORK, NY -- Another sale rolls around at Hayloft Auctions! We have been busy bees up at our warehouse in the Bronx. Those of you who have come to visit us while picking up purchases may have noticed our lovely new shelves at the front of our space. They are already filled to the brim, of course, with gorgeous objects of every shape, size, and story (many of which, of course, are in this sale). We have also ALREADY started cataloguing our December sale, which will be a very jolly, holiday-oriented affair. Yesterday had us blasting Christmas music and stringing up holiday lights before Thanksgiving.

While I have been hiding out from the recent chilly weather in our bright yellow office, I do take a long stroll around before every sale to really look at it all together. I want to get a sense of what the auction means as a whole. Somehow, in each sale, a theme seems to emerge. This one, to me, is equal parts opulent and fun. It is a balance of old fashioned and on trend. It is that sweet spot of tasteful that is just enough without being too much.

I will give an example from my own life that somehow feels parallel to the taste of this sale. Bear with me if you hate the metaphor. But I have gotten really into socks lately. Fun socks. One can find such socks, in sparkly and all kinds of colorful varieties, at stores that young people like myself shop at, such as Free People and And Other Stories, to name two. And sometimes I wear these socks with shoes like loafers. Which I consider to be old-fashioned, but which happen to be “in” right now. And somehow this look is on trend. Because it mixes this new fun thing with this traditional boring thing. And THAT is what so many items in our November sale just happen to do as well, without even trying.

So, what are my favorite lots in this sale that somehow achieve this effect? I will tell you. Starting with furniture, there is one particularly fun lot (which I would absolutely not have space for but which someone must buy). My colleague Brian was in love with it from the moment he saw it. It is a Majorelle style display cabinet (lot 16) with marquetry depicting geese all over it – it is truly beautiful. I also love the Jacobean-style desk, lot 250, that has just a hint of a checker pattern in it. I also think lot 115, a William III oak three-drawer chest, is also somehow a whimsical yet bold piece.

Art-wise, there is one lot I would die to have. It is a hand-made sculpture called the “Judge-O-Matic,” (lot 127) made of metal, glass and wood and painted a brilliant red, which gives you a thumbs-down every time you turn the crank. I think it is hilarious. And it is great looking! Such a fun centerpiece, if you have a big minimalist room somewhere.

Next, there is a lot of stylish jewelry, including the most adorable elephant necklace (lot 27) and some truly beautiful earrings (lot 26 and lot 36, for example). There is a lovely red trunk, lot 281 (my loyal readers must know that I love trunks by now). There are two Art Deco traveling vanity sets that are truly amazing to look at (both lot 367). And, last but not least, my favorite piece in the entire sale: the Asian silver and jade teapot (lot 172). It is exquisite and exotic, unlike anything I have ever seen, with a little dragon on its spout and applied semiprecious stone all around it. I’m not even quite sure where I would display it if I could get my hands on it; but I am certainly brainstorming. I think it is incredibly special, a real Hayloft find.


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