Shopping at Hayloft Auctions!

Shopping Hayloft Auctions!

The Hayloft Auctions October sale is finally up. I say “finally” because I have been anticipating it perhaps more than most of you: I am the Olivia who writes the Doyle Notebook “young collector” pieces, but I am also the Olivia who, recently, has been answering your phone calls at Hayloft, too. Most of my time is spent among the books and chairs and bright yellow office there, and the auction warehouse’s October sale is the first I have seen from start to finish. What a glorious and fulfilling undertaking it was to research, catalogue, and Instagram about, all while setting up our recent tag sale. Well, here I am to tell you about some of the October auction's highlights.

This sale is full of fun. We have old fashioned toy trains (lot 43), which I grew up seeing used as lovely decorative items (though these are in such a complete set that they should, probably, be put to good use as actual toys). We have an enormous lot of vintage cameras (lot 40), which pulls at my own heartstrings: I have been shooting with an old Pentax camera recently, and have been falling in love with film photography. This lot includes amazing old Polaroids along with traditional film cameras – so cool. And Polaroid just started selling film for their vintage cameras again (online, so how easy is that?). We also have a lot of old brass irons (lot 166), which my father, a retired antiques dealer, taught me you could use as paperweights or as doorstops, or just mounted as decorative objects. They are beautiful. If beautiful old lighters are more your speed, we have those too (lot 32).

My favorite wall hangings in the sale, aside from a lot of spy prints, which I always love, is a lot of photographs of ocean liners (lot 339). I love the concept of old-fashioned travel, so just having those hung up in my living room would be evocative and heart-warming without having to say too much. Oh, and this mirror: lot 283.

My favorite furniture is really just a conglomeration of the funkiest pieces in the sale. I love lot 68, a desk, because it folds down to fit into tiny spaces (aka New York spaces) until you need to use it – perfect for an on-and-off writer like myself (I know there are more of me out there). I love lot 85, a federal style side table, because of the way the different drawers fold out and have all kinds of differently-shaped compartments. I also think it’s pretty. I love lot 221, the Chinese altar table – I think it is the perfect table for any hallway. And I love the Chinese vases-turned-lamps in lot 41. We also happen to have a very special lamp in the sale: a mid-century modern design by Philip Johnson and Richard Kelly. These are rare, very chic, and valuable (lot 294)

To close, we have some good fashion coming our way in this sale, which I cannot leave out. We are selling some fabulous bags (lot 353 and lot 337). And we are selling one enormous lot of some pretty amazing vintage clothes (lot 440). Ladies, I suggest you place your bids.

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