Holiday Shopping at Hayloft!

NEW YORK, NY -- Sleigh bells ring at Hayloft. Literally. Because guess what? Lot 59 in our December sale! Sleigh bells. Red and silver. Three strands of ‘em. They are quite tasteful and would make great Christmas décor. Paired with one of our vintage sleds, in fact, they would make a virtual Bergdorf window display in your very own home (the Bergdorf Goodman windows will always be my favorite part of the holiday season in Manhattan).

The December Hayloft sale brings more to the table than just Holiday décor, though. It is a sale that, like many Hayloft sales, kills it in several categories. It’s got furniture, it’s got silver, it’s got glassware and pottery. It’s got clothes and jewelry and plenty of other pretty things.

I’ll just go ahead and say that Hayloft operates much like the hero in a Greek tragedy: its greatest strength is also its biggest challenge. Hayloft’s challenge is that each month it must tie together an enormous mish-mosh of objects and general things. Unlike many auction houses, it does not sort its inventory into themed categories, holding some stuff back for the jewelry sale, some for the Continental furniture sale, for example. Rather, it sells what has come to fill the Hayloft warehouse on that particular month and hopes that it flows okay. But this challenge that Hayloft is faced with also turns into a beautiful thing, and an asset. Instead of curating a set of predictable luxuries for you, Hayloft asks you to dig a little: “Who Knows What You’ll Find?” is our slogan, and it’s strangely accurate in the way that, I suppose, all good slogans must be. You can’t quite know what we’ll offer up to you until you flip through this month’s online catalogue.

So, what will you find in this sale that I find to be exciting? First, there is a sheered mink coat that I can’t get over. My colleague Blythe thinks it’s too dark for my coloring, so I don’t know if I’ll be bidding.. but it is a gorgeous coat – whoever gets it is a lucky lady (lot 388). Also in the fancy category, there are two pieces of jewelry I adore: the faux pearls that are part of lot 206, and the cameo bracelet that is part of lot 225. Both are delicate-looking and gorgeous. I think the bracelet in lot 116 is beautiful too, though of a very different style – more of an everyday wear type item (though not something I, currently, can pull off in my everyday office life).

My favorite piece of furniture in the sale is the oak card catalog cabinet (lot 304). I am honestly not quite sure what I could put in it, besides keys, but I love the look of it.

Objects-wise, there are two lots that I have my eye on. One is a French silver four-piece tea and coffee set (lot 106). It’s beautiful; the kind of thing that makes you want to host friends every Sunday for a book club (which I’m thinking of doing, four-piece coffee and tea set aside.. not every Sunday, but once a month or so). The second is a tantalus set (among a lot of two: lot 26; I personally love the leather one). I was at a holiday party of a good friend of a friend who is actually a more savvy young collector than I and a true lover of antiques. He is a frequent Hayloft shopper, and I noticed that he has a tantalus set in his beautiful Harlem apartment. They are such lovely objects to look at, and with such a fun backstory: named after the Greek mythological figure Tantalus (eternally damned to temptation, stuck with fruit just out of his grasp), they were designed to display alcohol but to lock it away so that the staff could not touch it.

My favorite portion of the sale is the art, this time around. There are three lots of prints and miniatures that are particularly charming for any apartment or home outside of the city – lot 345, lot 361, and lot 409. And my favorite lot in the entire sale is a small, beautiful, golden nude painted by Aaron A. Shikler (lot 353), the artist famous for painting JFK’s posthumous portrait. I would just love to hang it up somewhere and treasure it. And tell everyone the story of who painted it.

The sale is full of gems, as usual. Time to start your holiday bidding!

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