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Hayloft Auctions

NEW YORK, NY -- Hayloft Auction’s first sale of 2018 is upon us! It feels like not too long ago that I was writing to you about our December sale and all of our holiday festivities. Now, the holidays have come and gone and here we sit in a brand new year. I am sensing so strongly that 2018 rings of new beginnings. Of course, all new years do to an extent, but almost every day at Hayloft we have gotten phone calls about people moving houses, redecorating, or doing full-on demos to remodel their homes and wanting to sell us their old furniture in the transition. It seems as if everyone, separately but together, is saying “out with the old,” and getting on to higher things.

With that said, I think it is a lovely time to bring new totems into one’s space – new objects that we can assign meaning to for our new, 2018 selves. The Hayloft sale this month allows, I think, for this kind of story-telling and meaning-making. What is lovely about older things is that even if they haven’t belonged to you since their fabrication (perhaps especially because of this), there is a certain element of imagination that they might have belonged to someone in your lineage; or, at least, you can dream up the stories of the person they might have belonged to, who touched them before they ended up in your hands.

The objects that I love the best in this sale are quite small and special. There are three malachite animals, each in a different group lot, that are lovely to look at and to hold. Lot 3 holds a rhino, lot 301 a lion (along with a beautiful matching stone box), and lot 314 a hippo. I actually have a slight obsession with crystals, as my colleague Blythe will attest; malachite is known for bringing healing and positive transformation to those who wear it or keep it in their presence (which I didn’t intend to fit so well into the theme of this small offering of words; but wow… If you want to take it even further, look up the meanings of the animals!). Another beautiful object in the sale is a tiger’s eye and marble box (lot 205), a perfect place to keep jewelry, buttons, or sacred treasures of your choosing.

There are two pieces of furniture that I find especially fun in this sale for the secrets they unfold. One, lot 41, is a Louis XV style poudreuse – what looks like a small table and opens up to reveal a mirror and small compartment for cosmetics and jewelry. I would love to have this in my bedroom as a desk and dressing table duo. The second piece I find so fun is lot 133, a metamorphic chair, which can be either a rather sinister-looking chair or a small set of steps! The transformation is almost unbelievable.

There is another small staircase in the sale, which I think would look lovely if it found the right space (lot 8), preferably leading to nowhere so it were ironic. Otherwise, in furniture, there are three lots of benches that I just love; I think they are simple, stylish (each in their own way), and perfect for a skinny New York City space or entryway (lot 105, lot 157, and lot 276).

Two last lots that I absolutely love for the nostalgia they bring up are lot 85 and lot 209. Lot 85 is a group of vintage suitcases, some of which have vintage stickers from past travels on them – one from a first-class voyage on the QE1! I find them so lovely; they would be cool to use on display in a bedroom corner, as storage for bulky sweaters once warm weather rolls back around. Lot 209 is a group of old, black-and-white photographs of Niagara Falls. They are beautiful, and deserve to have the happiest home.

I wish you the best of luck in your bidding, and hope your new beginnings are taking shape.

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